Nottingham Hackspace has a large variety of tools available for members to use, from smaller items such as hand drills to our larger machines like bandsaws. When using equipment, ensure the area around you is also safe, and don’t circumvent safety features. If in doubt please consult the Safety section of the guide.

Please tidy up and put everything back after you’ve finished using a tool.


If you find a broken tool, or break one yourself, don’t panic! Tools break all the time and you are not in trouble. Fill out the Broken Tools form and apply an orange ‘Out of Order’ tag to it (or if it is a small tool put it into the broken tools bin near the dusty area).


We ask everyone to assess themselves with regards to using the tools - Do you have prior experience? Have you read the manual? Have you looked up safe working practices for the tool? Are you using appropriate safety equipment? Are you aware of others around you and any issues this might raise?

If in ANY doubt, please ask or seek additional training.

Inductions are required on equipment that is potentially very dangerous or that is expensive. At present an induction is required before members can use the following equipment:

  • 3D printer
  • Laser cutter
  • Metal lathe
  • Metal milling machine
  • Welding equipment

Inductions can be booked via the Induction Form, however bear in mind that inductions are done by other members: please be patient for training slots to appear.

Details of the tools we have can be found on the wiki