Do Not Hack

Do Not Hack, also known as ‘DNH’, is how you mark your project as a project inside the Hackspace. The skills and tools in the Hackspace mean a wide variety of projects are being constructed at any given moment; a Do Not Hack label (and proper storage) is how you make sure your project can’t be mistaken for simply being components or materials when someone tidies up.

Approved Do Not Hack labels can only be generated using the Hackspace Management System (HMS) and will automatically include all the details needed as defined in the Hackspace rules for Do Not Hack.

The letters ‘DNH’ on their own do not constitute a correct label.

Generating a label

To generate a Do Not Hack label:

  1. Go to the Hackspace Management System (HMS) and log in.

  2. Navigate to the ‘Projects’ area using the navigation buttons.

  3. Using the ‘Add New Project’ button lets you create a new project, simply completing a title and short description is all that’s required.

  4. Once your project is saved; simply click the ‘Print DNH Label’ option to get your label printed automatically! The printer on the Large Project Shelves will create you a custom sticker containing all the necessary information, ready to be applied.

Note the Print button will only appears while in the Hackspace and using the hackspace network. This can be done from your phone while connected to the WiFi, or from any of the computers around the hackspace.