Regular Events

We run weekly Membership Tours with tickets available on Eventbrite, for more information see our website.

We have occasional Open Days on Saturdays, which are organised by the Membership team and promoted by the Comms team.

Exhibition days happen occasionally. On these days we ask members to come into the space to work and demonstrate their projects, so the public are able to visit the Hackspace and understand more about who we are and what we do.

There are regular workshops, talks and groups on various subjects, which are often member-led and typically open to the public as well. Upcoming events are promoted on our social media, in the newsletter, the Google Group, and on the Nottinghack homepage. We’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in running a workshop, a talk, or a regular group.

Aiming to run an event? Contact the Trustees (a requirement for a public facing event) and read about the process for events on the wiki which includes guidelines for risk assessments and how we advertise and ticket events:

Typical Events and Themes

The best way to stay up to date with events in the hackspace is to join our Discord server. We try to post these on our website too on the What’s On page.

Members’ Meeting

All members are invited to the monthly members’ meeting. These occur on the first Wednesday of each month at 20:00. You can attend remotely via Zoom, or just us in the Blue Room downstairs. The agenda is published at least a few days prior to the meeting, which can be found on the Wiki Agenda page.

We use the meeting as an opportunity to provide updates on improvements to the space, plan areas to be worked on, and receive updates from various teams.

Membership Tours

As mentioned earlier, we run a membership tour every Wednesday evening at 7pm - these are bookable on Eventbrite and allow potential members to view the space. It really helps if other members are around - this shows the space as being the lively and social environment it often is.

Hack the Space Days

Hack the Space Days allow for members to come together on one day and work to improve an area they are passionate about. Often this can be as simple as sweeping the floors, although previous hack the space days have often included building shelving, moving large equipment and painting. We usually discuss our plans for Hack the Space day on Discord in the #hack-the-space channel, but you’re welcome to just turn up and volunteer.

We tend to run these every 1-2 months. They are advertised on Discord and an email to members usually goes out a few days before. Aside from being very productive, they are a great way to meet other members and socialise.

Film Nights

Film nights are a great way to relax with fellow members. We are currently aiming for about 1 film per month, and these often include food before hand. We keep track of suggestions and upcoming films using the Wiki on the Film Night page.

Ukulele Jams

The great thing about the ukulele is you can still have fun despite not knowing what you’re doing. These happen fairly randomly and are organised on Discord.

Combat Robotics

This is more of a general theme than a recurring event. Occasionally we host combat robot tournaments, have watch parties for combat robot events, and run workshops on how to build your own combat robot. These are typically ant-weight robots (i.e. small), rather than the ones on Robot Wars with massive flame throwers.

Swap Shops

One solution to excessive donation requests is instead to host swap shops! This is effectively a car boot sale, but inside the hackspace and there are no cars. Bring your stuff, swell, swap or give away. The only rule is that you take everything home with you, whether that’s because you brought it, or because you bought it or got given it.

One Shot Wonders

A monthly meetup to play a one-shot RPG adventure.