Hackspace Rooms and Areas

Comfy Area

The comfy are is a place where people tend to congregate and socialise. With a projector, soft furnishings, coffee tables, and shelves full of books, it’s an excellent place to relax.

A sound system and Raspberry Pi is available for use along with the projector. There are some more details about how to use this on the wiki.

The museum of oddities exists for us to showcase interesting items that we’ve collected over the years, from decades old consoles to an Amstrad phone. These items are not available for hacking, but if you’ve got something quirky you’d like to donate for display then feel free to let us know.

The library is available for reading while in the Hackspace, please feel free to make full use of it. We don’t currently have a system for lending out books, but this is being worked on.

For more information about the Comfy Area see the wiki Comfy Area, we also have a page for using the AV setup.

The Studio

The Studio is a well-lit room containing many tables to work at. These are designed for projects that don’t require heavier tools or are ‘clean’ work such as prototyping, programming, craft, etc. At the back of the studio is a large cutting table that can be used for cutting material or assembling large items. The studio is also home to Snackspace and our main Large Project Storage shelving.

On the far wall there is a list of benefactors that made it possible for us to move into such a large space.

Craft Room

The craft room (also known as the Textiles Workshop) contains consumables for you to use, as well as specilised tools and equipment for crafty projects. This ranges from basics such as needles, threads, and fabric to kits for lace making, candle making, mosaic tiles, and more.

We are always happy to take suggestions of kits or improvements you’d like to see to the contents of the Craft Room, simply contact the Craft team to get involved.

For more information about the craft room see the wiki https://wiki.nottinghack.org.uk/wiki/Textiles_Workshop

The Workshop

The heart of Nottingham Hackspace is the workshop, where you’ll find most tools along with various consumables. Facilities in the workshop include:

  • General purpose workbenches

  • The laser cutter

  • General hand and power tools for joinery

  • Large sink plus screen printing equipment

  • Metalworking area with metal lathe, milling machine and welding equipment.

  • Dusty area including large woodworking tools eg table saw

  • Spraybooth

Please replace tools back in their correct storage when you have finished with them, and tidy up any dust or mess made by the tools being used.

Details of the workshop can be found on the wiki https://wiki.nottinghack.org.uk/wiki/Workshop

The Kitchen

The kitchen is equipped with storage, tea making facilities, a microwave, a dishwasher, a fridge and a freezer. Tea and coffee are always free to members and there is a donations jar in the kitchen for any contributions towards fresh milk and other sundries. Mugs are in the cupboard above the fridge, is also for members to store things such as drinks or lunch. Please label and use everything you keep in there or dispose of it before it goes off. Unlabelled food or items past their sell-by date will be disposed of.

Please recycle! In the kitchen you will find labelled recycling bins for cardboard, cans, plastic bottles, etc.

More details about the kitchen are on the wiki https://wiki.nottinghack.org.uk/wiki/Kitchen

The Blue Room

The Blue Room is provided as a peaceful area where members can work if there is a large event going on in the main space, wish to work in a small group, or simply wish to work quietly on their laptop or one of the PCs open to use by members. In winter, it’s also one of the smaller areas of the Hackspace that can be heated more economically than the other rooms.

The Blue Room contains printers that are available for use by members, please consider a donation for large print runs to help towards the cost of toner and consumables. USB charging points are also available on the central table.

Find our more about The Blue Room on the wiki https://wiki.nottinghack.org.uk/wiki/Blue_Room

Electronics & 3D Printing Area

The electronics section is divided into three main benches - the soldering bench, the rework bench and the test bench. The test bench has a variety of test equipment,

  • Various power supplies

  • Rigol DS1102E oscilloscope (plus a couple of analogue scopes)

  • Siglent SDG1062X arbitrary waveform generator

  • Benchtop and handheld multimeters

There are also many drawers of components which you are welcome to use for testing circuits and making quick repairs. We do not maintain stocks of components so these are just various bits we have accumulated over the years.

The 3D printing section has a number of FDM printers and an Anycubic Photon SLA printer. There is a computer nearby for you to generate SLA files and copy things to a USB memory stick.