The Hackspace has two storage areas for keeping your projects while they’re worked on; member-owned storage boxes for smaller projects and components, and the Large Project Shelves (LPS) for projects which need a little more space. Please do not store projects anywhere else in the Hackspace, we have a lot of members and a fixed amonut of space meaning we’ve got lots to cram in. If you have an oversized project that will not fit on the LPS then please ask on the Google Group before bringing it in.

Any projects outside of a storage box that is not being worked on should be removed from the space, to free up room for other projects to be worked on by other members.

Projects that are actively being worked on are always welcome to be stored in the Hackspace.

Storage Box

As a member of the Hackspace, you are entitled to purchase and store a 35 litre box in the storage box area. A box costs £7.50, and once purchased stacks with the other boxes within the racks and is yours to use as project storage (subject to the rules around storage of dangerous or flammable materials). To get a box, simply request one from the Membership team at any Open Hack event, and if there is an available box and a spare slot they will help you get set up with one.

Boxes should be marked with an identifying name, so we know who owns each one. Other than that you are welcome to add any other decoration you may wish; some members add their twitter handles or stickers to their boxes.

Large Project Shelves (LPS)

The LPS is an area designed for storing those projects that are too large for a storage box. These shelves are open for use by any member with no payment or booking required, however please be courteous in your placement of a project; with projects of many shapes and sizes there may be ones that take up oddly shaped spaces.

Each month the LPS is audited for projects that fall under the following criteria:

  • No DNH label attached
  • No name or date on a DNH label
  • A date older than three months of the date of audit

Any project falling under one (or more) of the above will have a Notice of Donation label applied, a photo taken, and a list of the projects marked as such posted to the Google Group. Please see below for information on how Notice of Donation labels work.

Notice of Donation (NoD)

A Notice of Donation (NoD) label indicates projects that have not been worked on for three months, or have not been labelled appropriately and found during a storage audit. In essence a NoD label indicates that the project appears to have been abandoned. One month after the NoD label is applied the items will be moved to the donations area, unless the project is updated with a DNH sticker and is being worked on again.

A NoD label will always contain the date that the project will be moved to the Donations area.