Questions and FAQs

If you have any questions or requests, the best place to ask is Discord. We have a warm and growing community there, full of people who are happy to help out and provide quick responses. If you’re a new member, you can also ask questions from the tour guide before the weekly tour, starting at 19:00.

Membership enquiries and handled through the membership team:

If you need to discuss something in private, or have a complaint, please contact the trustees at

We’d like to emphasise that the hackspace is your space as much as it’s everyone else’s. Just like every other member, you’re paying a share of the running costs. We strongly encourage you to get to know other members, ask questions & talk a bit about your own projects. We look forward to seeing you at the space more!

What is an appropriate amount to pay per month?

The hackspace has around 500 members and the amount they pay per month ranges from £5/mo (the minimum to grant membership) to £50/mo. In order for the hackspace to still be here in the years to come, the average amount needs to be roughly £15/mo/member. This is based on our fixed and variable outgoings, and the number of members we have.

If you are using the space once or twice a month, we would encourage you to try and pay £15/mo, if possible.

I’ve lost my RFID card!

No problem! Email using the account registered on HMS (this helps us verify it’s you). We will send you a new pin code and ask you to pop £1 in the donation tin. Membership cards cost us approximately 70 pence each. Once you have your membership pin, you’ll be able to pick up a new card at whatever time suits you. There are some instructions on the wiki about how to do this, Gatekeeper Setup.

How do I end my membership?

You can end your membership by cancelling your standing order. Your account will then close six weeks after your most recent payment. During this time, you will receive at least one automated reminder email, just letting you know that no payment has come through. You can safely ignore this. You’ll receive a final email once your membership ends.

If you want to continue supporting the space and retain the option of occasionally using it, you can always drop your membership contribution down to £5/mo. This will allow you to continue chatting with other members on Discord, too!

I used to be a member, can I restart my membership?

If you’ve decided you’d like to become a member again, set up a standing order using the payment reference available on HMS. This can be found on the Membership Payment page. As long as you use the correct payment reference, your transaction should be picked up within a few working days, although this is usually the same day.

How do I get into the Hackspace?

If you can’t physically find the outside of the space (for example, if you are visiting for a tour or an event, or have forgotten where it is located), please see the information on the wiki Getting to the space page.

Once you have found at least one of the access points into the building, you will need to open the door and navigate inside. Some of the doors have keycodes, which you can find on the Space Access page (active members only); there is some more information about routes into the space on the Getting to the space page. The doors into the Hackspace itself can only be opened with your RFID card from the outside (some also normally require an RFID card to open from inside, but they also have emergency release buttons).

How do I get an RFID card?

If you are a new member and don’t yet have a card, then you can collect one by following the Gatekeeper Setup instructions. If you need a replacement card, or want a spare one, please email the membership team who can give you a PIN to collect one following the same instructions. Please make a £1 donation to the space if you are replacing a lost card or taking an extra one.

I have some concerns about another member, a trustee or the space

If you think another member is breaking any hackspace rules, it’s important to let the trustees know. This allows us to keep the hackspace a safe and welcoming place. You can do this by emailing the trustees at If you have an issue with a specific trustee, you should contact another one. We have a full list of our current trustees on the Trustees page. Your complaint will be handled with discretion.

If you have a complaint about the Space itself, it’s worth keeping in mind that the Hackspace is a community, not a service. It will only continue to exist and become better if members (including you) work hard to make it happen. See “I have a great idea…” FAQ below.

I’d like to show my friend around the space, is that ok?

We absolutely encourage bringing your friends and showing them the space. Often this is the best way for us to increase the number, and diversity, of our membership. Feel free to give them an impromptu tour, but keep in mind they will still need to attend the official tour on a Wednesday evening. This ensures all the relevant information has been passed on.

I want to run a workshop or event.

Excellent, we love workshops and events! If you want to organise a members only event, go ahead and organise it! You can put up posters, create an “Event” on Discord, and ask the comms team to advertise it. If you want to invite members of the public, we require you to speak to a trustee first. This will require a short risk assessment form filling in, we’re happy to help you with that.

Can I store projects or materials in the space?

Small items can be stored in your member’s box. You can buy a box using HMS.

If you are working on something bigger, it can be stored temporarily in the large projects area in the studio. Make sure it is properly identified by printing a label on HMS (link only works when using the Hackspace wifi), and keep in mind that large items should only be stored temporarily.

Is there a [thing] in the Hackspace?

There is a lot of information on tools and materials on the wiki. However, the wiki is only kept up to date by members and so it is not always accurate. You can always check by asking on Discord. If you think something might make a good addition, consider starting a pledge drive.

There is a [thing] in the Hackspace but I don’t know how to use it - can anyone help me?

The wiki may have some useful links to manuals or videos, but it is always worth asking (nicely) on Discord or the Google group. There are lots of generous people at the Hackspace who might be willing to give you some pointers.

If the tool you’re interested in is popular, you could also try hanging around near it, waiting for someone to start using it and asking them. Most people will be happy to talk through what they are doing (although some people might not be feeling chatty, which is also fine - so please remember Rule 3 and be sensitive to other hackers).

I have a [thing] - can I donate it?

The answer is, almost certainly, “perhaps”. Please see the section on donations.

How long do I have to wait for a tool induction?

Tool inductions are done by members in their free time, and unfortunately some tools have more inductors than others. Typically you will hear back within a week or two for tools like the laser cutter or embroidery machine.

For the larger metalworking tools, we no longer run internal inductions but we have an arrangement with West Notts College for members to attend metalworking courses. If you have suitable qualifications for these tools then please contact the metalworking team to gain access.

I have a great idea to improve the space, how do I make a suggestion?

Wonderful! You can always bring up ideas on Discord or at a members’ meeting. However, bear in mind that the Hackspace is a collective, member-run organisation before you get too carried away. Will it benefit everyone? Can you do it yourself? If not, does it require lots of time, money or resources from other people? The Hackspace does not have an excess of these, so it’s best to assume that you will have to implement your own ideas.

There is a helpful template for making suggestions on the wiki.

How can I volunteer?

There are many ways you can volunteer at the hackspace.

  • Help with every day tasks, such as emptying the dish washer or taking out the bins.

  • Ask to join a team on Discord. If you have access to a car and a Costco membership, you can join the Snackspace team and help keep the vending machines stocked. If you like showing people around the space, you can join the Membership team and give tours on a Wednesday evening.

  • Become a trustee. We hold an election every year, where either 3 or 4 positions are available. A standard term lasts 2 years, but a trustee can be re-elected for a maximum term of 4 years. If you have any questions about becoming a trustee, you can email - we’d be more than happy to answer your questions.

The space is run entirely members, people like yourself, so thanks for seeing how you can help out the space.