Resources and Material Shops

The Hackspace has stores of items such as wood, metals, electronics, craft supplies, and many other useful things. The boxes containing specific components tend to be near the area that uses them, such as resistors in the electronics bay or needles in the craft room. For more general purpose stock, there are shelves of boxes containing these items in the workshop.

All of these resources are free for members to use. Please bear in mind that they are limited, and most are not core resources that get topped up. If you’re needing a large amount of a specific item then purchasing them is typically a better option.

Material shops are present near several of the Hackspace tools; these shops have suitable materials (such as perspex for the laser cutter or 3D printer filament) available for members to buy. We attempt to sell these materials for as close to cost as possible, however all proceeds from purchases go into expanding the ranges available.