Electronics & 3D Printing AreaΒΆ

The electronics section is divided into three main benches - the soldering bench, the rework bench and the test bench. The test bench has a variety of test equipment,

  • Various power supplies
  • Rigol DS1102E oscilloscope (plus a couple of analogue scopes)
  • Siglent SDG1062X arbitrary waveform generator
  • Benchtop and handheld multimeters

There are also many drawers of components which you are welcome to use for testing circuits and making quick repairs. We do not maintain stocks of components so these are just various bits we have accumulated over the years.

The 3D printing section has a number of FDM printers and an Anycubic Photon SLA printer. There is a computer nearby for you to generate SLA files and copy things to a USB memory stick.